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1. Preamble

All comments on this (alternate link) version of the book «Sublime Text Power User», bold numbers — numbers of pages your book. I admit that many of my notes are not your mistakes and typos, and I do not understand something, or affect my poor knowledge of the English language, but I beg to review my notes. Please ask me for clarification if you do not understand the phrase in my bad English. I use Windows 10 Education, Sublime Text 3 Build 3114 and all my notes belong to Windows.

Many thanks for your huge work on writing of the book! Sincerely, leader in Sublime Text tag rating on Russian Stack Overflow, Sasha Chernykh.

I think we can talk about the final transition from Sublime Text 2 to 3.


1. Open the console by hitting the key combination Ctrl + Now by default Ctrl+`.


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If to use Portable version, it isn't necessary to specify %APPDATA%.

On johnblackbourn.com/sublimecodeintel-st3 page now reccomend CodeComplice use, but for me CodeComplice is some bugs and undesirable behavior, example.

-(std in) only for OSX users, see unofficial documentation, but in the book of it it isn't specified.

-a or --add: Add the current file or folder to the active/last used sublime text window
This command is only for folders, but not for files, see unofficial documentation. subl -a ExampleFolder add folder ExampleFolder in current window, subl ExampleFolder in new window. But subl -a test.txt = subl test.txt, both of these commands open a test.txt file in a new tab of the active window. The example below is also incorrect.

This method does not work for me. It is necessary, or hold down the middle mouse button or Ctrl+Alt+↓/↑ . See forum thread.

go to Tools —► New snippet ...
In the Tools menu there is no point New snippet ... .

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If you are having trouble finding the scope, an easy way to find it is to open your packages folder PreferencesBrowse Packages... and find the folder associated with your language. Inside of that folder will be a .tmLanguage file.
  1. Now use sublime-syntax files.
  2. Not all folders programming languages can be found on the path

PreferencesBrowse Packages... .

Now Ctrl+G is Goto Line... .

Empty section «Moving Lines and Code Blocks»

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Using Ctrl+K without the shift key will delete from the caret to the end of the current line.
Using Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K.

On Windows forward delete words-by-words is Ctrl+Delete.

Just press space and keep typing!
If you only press the spacebar, p tag was removed.

Ctrl+↑/↓ on Windows is jump to the beginning/end of word, not line.

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All hotkeys in this image is not work for me.

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(Windows users use Ctrl+Shift)
Windows users use Ctrl+Shift+[.

The keyboard shortcut for this is a little different. We need to hold down ( Ctrl on Windows/Linux) and then tap K.
Not working on Windows.


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I think that once you have a slash at the beginning. Not "path": "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/wesbos/Dropbox/0185-book", correct is "path": "Volumes/Macintosh HD/wesbos/Dropbox/0185-book". For example, I have User folder, when is situated my sublime-project file and folder Dictionary. If I want to specify the path to the folder Dictionary, I must point "Dictionaries" or "./Dictionaries" or "../User/Dictionaries", But I do not understand how to specify the relative path with a slash at the beginning of.

Incorrect example, see forum thread.

Sublimerge 3 — paid plugin, I believe that it is necessary to specify in the book.


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Hotkeys not work for me.

Not c#badda55.3, correct is c#badda5.3. Emmet still indicate the right color, but in my opinion, do not result in the book of incorrect examples.

Now Ctrl+Shift+G, not Ctrl+W by default.

Now Ctrl+', not Ctrl+Shift+D by default.

Now Ctrl+Alt+J, not Ctrl+Shift+T by default.

Now View in SublimeServer, not View This File in the Browser.

Transmit Dosksend only for Sublime Text 2 and OSX.

Bower need Git for Windows users.

«mode at a language»

You can also turn on Vintage mode at a langauge level by adding "ignored_packages": [] to your language specific settings file — more on this in the settings section.
Where is settings section?

Package CSS3 Syntax has been replaced by CSS3.

Pretty JSON does not work with files that contain comments. This is a serious drawback, in my opinion it is necessary to mention in the book.

By default in TOC will be [about] and [growing-up], not (#about) and (#growing-up), see gif:

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To make as at you on the picture, it is necessary to add in the file MarkdownTOCSettings - User line { "default_bracket": "round", }.

SublimeTODO plugin wasn't updated long ago, TODO Review is recommended to use.

If the language supports block commenting, add in option/alt into the mix to block comment multiple lines of selected code.
Multi-line comments are added to the Windows hotkey Ctrl+Shift+/, Alt is not used.

You have not written, how to call Fullscreen Mode, in my opinion, you need to specify the hot keys — Shift+F11.